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Unwise, if not stupid

        I am sorry to say this : I think the writer of this essay is just not wise, if not stupid. You just hate any person who do not show disagreement with Tung. As far as I understand the Biblical standpoint, Tung, who just like any one of us, is a sinner. And God loves sinners (but hate sins). So God love me and you and Tung. And Jesus asks all of us to learn one thing : love others. Instead of love others, you hate others. You think you love the poor, the weak, the helpless. Yet, you hate many others who you believe are not poor, not weak, and not helpless.

        Personally, I do not agree with Tung's policies. However, I do not hate Tung despite his bad policies. And I do not hate those people who do not show their disagreement with Tung's policies. And I do not hate you as well. I write this just to point out your unfair remarks on other people.