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Be calm, and think criticial
Yang Wenli

        In the passage by Mr. Law, he told me to calm down and speak honestly with love. Actually I was always calm, and what I said were all honest words out of love.

        I would suspect that Mr. Law's definination of "calm down" is different from mine. What is calm down? Is it simply mean that we should be as humble as possible, as soft as possible, as warm as possible and as peaceful as possible? Is this mean that we cannot have critical thinking, and cannot confront with evil? If this is calm down, none of the Prophets in the Bible can calm down.

        That's no doubt that people inside the establishment can make friend with Mr. Tung. Of course they can remind him in a friendly way. I don't doubt that their job is useful: they may act like Daniel, who guide the government to follow the God's way in a peaceful manner. However, I'm outside the establishment. What can I do if I want to inform Mr.Tung the situation in the lower class? I have no way to get connected to the establishment! I want to talk with Mr.Tung in a friendly and peaceful way, but there are no such way in the establishment? What can I do? The only choice of mine is to confront with him.

        The atmosphere of Hong Kong government is unwilling to listen from the citizen, and unwilling to act in a democratic way. I'm not eager to argue with others, and generally I myself is a peaceful and humble man. But I still have to confront with Mr.Tung, simply because he is unwilling to listen from me!

        Why we always think that confronting with the Government, going to demonstrations are irrational and are signs of not calming down? I strongly believe that those people saying this are the first people need to be calm down. When we choose to confront and criticize the government, that doesn't mean that we are irrational. This is a decision done when we are calm, when we are rational. We are not aimed at making chaos, we targeted at peace. We are just forced by the establishment to use confrontation as a tool to achieve peace.

        Just imagine in a case of Acute Appendicitis, can we treat it in a peaceful and non-invasive way like doing massage on the abdomen? Surely not, these "peaceful" way would eventually kill the patient, and there will be no peace eventually. We must act invasive and aggressive, resect the appendix as soon as possible. Yes, it is a quite "non-peaceful" way, but is the only way to allow the patient leave the hospital peacefully!

        For we love our government, Mr. Tung and all Hongkongers so much, we have to ensure the government act in a correct way. As now Mr.Tung refuse to listen, we just have to confront with him forcing him facing the truth in the lower class. WE have to do so to ensure he can act correctly, that's real love.

        And I have a few words to add about the prayer meeting. I don't think that the meeting had even try to encourage Mr. Tung in a friendly manner. It's simply a warm meeting, that's all. Don't be blinded by those warm illusions. If some of our Church leaders can really make friends with Mr.Tung, just encourage and remind him honestly. Don't simply give him some warm feeling or do some "shoe polishing". That's not what u should do to a friend.