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Please reject naive viewpoints on politics!!
Yang Wenli

        I feel quite disappointed to see the response by Duo. It showed that Christian in this city are naive on politics, and rely on feelings whether than facts.

        I've no doubt that we should love our political leader. The Bible told us that we have to love each another, including enemies. Of course those person I should love would include Mr. Tung, as he is also a human being.

        But what is love? Is it simply warm feeling? If we believe to love a person is to remain peace, keep away from arguments and maintain a warm environment... I would doubt whether it is the love taught in the Bible, or just some projections from some romantic pop music?

        I understand the arrangement of that prayer meeting. Of course we can and we should pray for our Chief Executive. But should is it a wise arrangement? I don't think so. The reason given by Yu are actually very strong. I don't doubt that the prayer meeting what to express their love to Mr. Tung with a pure and positive motivation, but the act is stupid. I can say that it is a warm meeting, but not a good meeting in expressing love.

        In 1 Corinthian 13:1-8 Paul had told us clearly that love including the chasing for righteousness, and the dislike of sin. It is no doubt that Mr. Tung had many error in his job, and is it really love if we simply invite him to a warm meeting, and forgot what he had done? Impossible! It is not true love! It is just ignoring righteousness!

        If we really love Mr. Tung, warm meeting and warm feeling are not enough. The fact is IF WE REALLY LOVE OUR CHIEF EXECUTIVE OR ANY OTHER POLITICIAN, WE MUST REMAIN CRITICAL. If we satisfy on warm feeling s without pointing out their fault, it do more harm than good on them!

        I hope Duo would not be blinded by warm meeting. Where are we on 6/10/2000? It is none of your business. I just want to ask: when u are inside the meeting on 6/10/2000, do u realize what is happening in the outside world?

        Yu and I did give strong points on why that meeting had undesirable effects. Please accept the fact. Believing that the prayer meeting is pretty alright is not only naive, but delusive.