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Opinion from a participant of that meeting
Law Hiu Chung, Martin

        I think that different Christians can have different political standpoints. This needs not conflict with the truth in the Bible. In particular, we can evaluate our Chief Executive (CE) Mr. Tung Chee Hwa differently.

        There are two issues we should distinguish. One is whether we should pray for our CE, and the other is what is the impression that the prayer meeting gives to other citizens (particularly those suffering) in Hong Kong.

        I think Tim I teaches us to pray for Mr. Tung irrespect of our stance towards him. When I tried to resume praying for Mr. Tung several months ago, I found it was quite difficult, as I could not agree with the decisions he had made. It was not until that the Spirit reminded me that Jesus told us to "pray for those who persecut us" that I finally could start praying for him. I still disagree with Mr. Tung for some issues, but still I ought to continue to pray for him. (My stance towards Tung is quite different from Yu.)

        With respect to the message that the prayer meeting gives to the general public, I do overlook the potential negative influence it can bring. However, I think the idea of inviting Mr. Tung to that meeting is the will revealed by the Holy Spirit. From what I've heard, the idea of inviting Tung to come was originated during prayer. Many people thought that it was impossible, as Mr. Tung looks like (though actually is not) a Buddhist, and it was just a request from a group of ordinary women. However, it turned out that God helped in the process and God brought Mr. Tung to the gathering, to the surprise of many people. I know I am subjective, but I do see God's work in it. Overall speaking my opinion is that inviting Mr. Tung is correct, though it may have some negative influence.

        This does not mean that I agree with every details in the arrangement of the gathering, though. Oddly enough, I regard that half hour programme for Mr. Tung as "evangeistic" to help him understanding Christian faith. After all, we sing "welcome song" when we have guests at our fellowship, and why can't we do so when Mr. Tung come to the gathering? And being one of the participants, I did not feel very excited that Mr. Tung come. Rather it was just one item in the programme. I also do not think that the gathering targets at promoting the love of Mr. Tung. Rather I think the focus was the request from Rev. Wong Wing Shun on the need to pray for Hong Kong -- and this was/is/will be the main goal. However, I admit that I really have not thought about how others will interpret that gathering.

        Also, there may be some ambiguity of "love Tung". I do not think that it is equivalent to "support Tung". I think the emphasize is on loving Tung as an ordinary person only. Indeed Christians have not expressed their disapproval of the injustice events in the society strongly enough, but this should be unrelated of whether we should love Tung with the love towards an ordinary person.

        By the way, many unjust events in the socity are actually controversial, and I think we should allow different people have different view on them.

        For the invitation of "Long hair", I am just thinking what is the purpose of that. To be frank, if the goal is just to harass Mr. Tung, I disagree with this. If the goal is to invite different political figures in Hong Kong, maybe we should go with one. All depend on what revelation the Holy Spirit has given us.

        I know that sometimes I am subjective, and please forgive (and tell me) if I had made an offending remark. Thank you.

In Christ,
Martin Law

For your information, the following is what has been done in that half hour programme:

First 5(?) min: Tung entered Hong Kong Convention center, and the "welcome song" was sung

Next 10(?) min: A file describing the prayer movement is shown, with Mrs Chan, the director of Jireh Fund, concluded.

Next 10(?) min: Dr. Choi Yuan Yun (probably wrong spelling) made a speech on why Christians prayed for Hong Kong and the reasons of inviting Mr. Tung to come. It was in his speech that he said he (or "we"? I am sorry that I've forgotten) loved Mr. Tung and prayed for Him in many mornings with his wife.

Next 5(?) min: Mrs Chan present the sourvenir to Mr. Tung, which is the prayer book.

Final 5(?) min: A blessing song was sung while Mr. Tung leave the Hong Kong Convention Center