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Layman, don't pretend as an Expert
Yang Wenli

    I had read the series of discussion on the matter of "The Omega Code" after posting a response on the matter of "loving Tung". The opinion of Yip and a guy called himself a layman (
門外漢) really make me disappointed.

    Yu, Ric and Pak had made strong arguements responsing Yip's opinion. I don't think any further discussion are needed. In this response, I would concentrate on the response made by Mr.Layman,

    The apology made by Ric is really unnecessary. I do think that he is very polite, and may be too polite. I don't see the point that why Layman can classify him as radical.

    Layman said that he would doubt the belief of Ric and Yu, if they agree on Evolution and Big Bang Theory. He really had a lot of prejudice on these two scientific theories. It is right that these are only theories, not law or principle, and are unproven. However, these theories are still scientific. If anyone feel that these theories have conflict with Christianity, he must not know what is Science.

    We must know that Science is not equal to truth, but is a way of finding truth by logical deduction from existing evidences and finding new evidences by experiment. The process is secular, with no place for God and any other supernatural subjects.

    The reason for Science being secular is not because of anti-christianity throughts, though many atheist love to use this as an excuse attacking Christians. The reason is practial, supernatural factors must be excluded when we are observing natural processes. It doesn't mean that there is nothing in the supernatural world, but the fact is that Science is not interested and do not have the ability to investigate supernatural factors. In that way, a scientist can only make a theory with evidence in material world. Even if a Christian Sciencist have get revealation from God that the World is creatred, he cannot write a scientific journal about how God created this World.

(On the other way round, an atheist can NEVER exclude the possibility of creationism. The rule of game is pretty fair.)

    This Scientific method actually compatible with Creationism. From the Bible, we know that God create the world by his word, and not using part of his body as raw material. Therefore, we must understand this World from evidence inside the material world, and understand God via revealation. We have to be secular in Sciencific field.

    Many had made use of Evolution or Big Bang Theory to attack Christianity, but it is only their problem. We need not to be hostile to these theories because of that. If there is any conflict between Christianity and Science, the reason lie on the limitation of Theology and Science, ratehr than the content of these theories.

    All laity including Layman could understand the matters on Science well, it is not complicated. I'd suggest them to read something on the matter, and not to reject Evolution or Big bang Theory emotionally and irrationally. A book by Kwan Kai Man called "I believe therefore I think" (
我信故我思,關啟文著) is good to read. it is a rather easy book to read.

   I dislike the attitude of Layman on Theology very much. Every expert Theologian must have their weak point, I would agree on that. But it never implicate Theology is useless.

    Please don't think that Christianity is very simple. It can be act as a simple belief of a simple person in his simple life, but Christianity itself is not simple. I don't doubt on those pretty and simple beliefs in laity, but these are not the only presentation of Christianity. Especially if we need to encounter difficult problems in the Society or Academic World, Christianity is complicated.

    Christianity can be simple, and can be complicated.

    What a laity can do is to try to understand more on Theology. Any Christian must increase their understanding to God everyday. We cannot maintain our spiritual life in a naive stage. Theologian may have their problem, but what we do is to understand and avoid these problems, but not label Theology as meaningless.

    Mr.Layman and other laity can maintain their simple beileve, but I would urge them to refuse those naive delusions. If they want to live as a simple laity, just remain simple by themselves, and not to pretend to be an expert criticizing the usefulness of Theology.